RCBH launches A Healthy Somerton initiative (April, 2014)


Somerton, AZ.- (As published by Yuma Sun on April 25, 2014).- The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. (RCBH) has recruited stores, restaurants, schools in the city and City Hall in a citywide campaign to promote healthy eating, physical exercise and overall healthier practices among the city’s residents.

The campaign, titled “A Healthy Somerton,” comes on the heels of a yearlong study by the Regional Center of Border Health of the city’s health needs, and seeks to reverse habits of poor nutrition and physical inactivity through public education efforts that reach all corners of Somerton.

Key to the campaign are the city’s stores and restaurants, which are being asked to offer more healthy menu options and to make room among displays for more fruits and vegetables and other healthful foods and ingredients.

“We want to increase the availability of fruits and vegetables to all areas of the community,” said Amanda Aguirre, President and Chief Executive Officer of RCBH.

In an upcoming phase of the campaign, RCBH plans to do just that by putting on the road a “mobile farmers market” that would carry fruits and vegetables to all corners of the city.

The market, a large truck equipped with a kitchen, would also put on cooking demonstrations in the neighborhoods it visited, showing residents how to prepare a variety of healthy meals. Aguirre said she hopes the mobile market can be on the road in June.

And by working through the schools, the campaign seeks to reach no less than three-quarters of the city’s youth and their parents with its message about the importance of good nutrition and regular physical exercise.

The campaign also counts on the help of the schools as well as the Somerton Parks and Recreation Department in involving youngsters in athletic and recreational programs as part of efforts to combat child obesity.

City hall is helping in the campaign, Aguirre said, by allowing RCBH to place banners around the city that advance the campaign’s themes of healthy eating and physical activity.

Somerton-based RCBH provides access to affordable health care services to medically under-served rural communities throughout western Arizona. It also helps residents of those areas gain the education needed to enter health care professions.

Aguirre said she sees A Healthy Somerton as a pilot project that eventually can be extended to other communities in Yuma County as well as those in Mohave and La Paz counties.

“The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. is pleased to carry out this initiative with the assistance of the local business community to implement the necessary community-based prevention interventions that ultimately will improve the overall quality of life and well-being of families and their children living in the City of Somerton”, Aguirre said.

RCBH launches CLUB FIT, an strategy through A Healthy Somerton Initiative

club fit 7

Somerton, AZ.- (April 27, 2015) More than 15 students from Somerton Middle School started a new lifestyle to improve their health thanks to CLUB FIT, a strategy launched trough A Healthy Somerton, sponsored by the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.

A partnership between Yuma Family YMCA and RCBH has made CLUB FIT possible, for the purpose of conducting Nutrition and Fitness after school program for students of Somerton Middle School trough the A Healthy Somerton initiative.

According to Ms. Amanda Aguirre, President and CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., this is a six week program which combines healthy information with fun, as the students learn how to eat properly identifying the different components food has and how much do their bodies need to grow healthy; and they also practice physical activities during the sessions.

The program slogan is “Eat Better, Get Moving, Be Happy”, which englobes all the healthy steps instructors are teaching the kids.

CLUB FIT is available at Somerton Middle School every Tuesday and Friday from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM and is open to 6 to 8 graders.

Mr. Javier Morales, Public Health Initiatives Director, stated the program started April 21st, 2015 and will end up May 21st, 2015 with an opportunity to renew for the 2015/2016 school year.

For more information please contact Ms. Mariajose Almazan, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of the RCBH at (928) 627-9222 or via e-mail at


RCBH Announces Farmer’s Market on Wheels Routes


Somerton, Arizona – (January 6, 2015). – Starting January the 12th, 2015 Somerton residents will have the opportunity to become their New Year’s Resolutions a reality by eating healthy vegetables and fruits with the help of the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., Farmer’s Market on Wheels at their own neighborhoods.

Family Care Coordinators will be on the site offering the fresh produce at affordable prices, and also will provide the residents with cooking demonstrations and how to prepare healthy meals for their families, said Amanda Aguirre, President and CEO of the RCBH.

Public Health Initiatives Director Javier Morales appointed that residents will also receive information about the nutrition model Power Play’te which will help kids to learn how to eat according to their age.

As part of the Healthy Somerton Initiative launched on April, 2014, the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., hopes that the Farmer’s Market on Wheels will help residents to improve their quality of life by choosing to eat healthier.

Starting January 12th, the Farmer’s Market on Wheels schedule will be as follows (locations are corners):


8:30 AM 12th Street & Williams Avenue

9:00 AM Bingham Avenue & Garvin Street

9:30 AM Crane Street & Williams Avenue

10:00 AM Bingham Avenue & Eucalyptus Drive


8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.


10:00am Campo Amarillo (@ B. Norman Career Center)

10:45am Wellness Center The Cocopah Indian Tribe

11:15am Community Center The Cocopah Indian Tribe


8:30 AM Yucca Street & Orange Avenue

9:00 AM Union Avenue & Cactus Street

10:00 AM Fern Street & Federal Avenue

10:30 AM Fern Street & Somerton Avenue


8:30 AM Cesar Chavez Avenue (Perricone Park)

9:00 AM Calle Amistad & Van Brunt Avenue

9:30 AM Andrea Avenue & Brenda Street

10:00 AM Council Avenue & Canal Street

For more information please call Ms. Amanda Aguirre, President and CEO of the RCBH or Mr. Javier Morales, Public Health Initiatives Director, at (928) 627-9222.