Our purpose:


An initiative sponsored by the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. with the purpose of:

Improving the wellbeing of residents of the City of Somerton, AZ., by promoting a proper nutrition, physical activity and prevention of childhood obesity


  • Complete a community needs assessment in the City of Somerton.
  • Increase the number of people in the City of Somerton that will access health information for the promotion of healthy life styles, prevention, and reduction of chronic diseases.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of physical activity, and prevention of childhood obesity.
  • Raise awareness among all sectors of society to reverse the trends in physical inactivity, poor nutrition, obesity and other chronic conditions.
  • Promote Safe Routes to School; prevent bullying, and other unsafe behaviors.
  • Promote good nutrition by increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, and healthy choices.
  • Identify cost-effective, practical solutions and tools that can be replicated in other communities to educate and make sustainable changes that support healthy living.