How this Initiative was created…

A Healthy Somerton comes on the heels of the City of Somerton Community Needs Assessment study, made in 2013 by the Regional Center of Border Health, Inc. (RCBH), of the city’s health needs, and seeks to reverse habits of poor nutrition and physical inactivity through public education efforts that reach all corners of Somerton, Arizona.

Key to the campaign are the city’s stores and restaurants, which are being asked to offer more healthy menu options and to make room among displays for more fruits and vegetables and other healthful foods and ingredients.

The campaign also counts on the help of the schools as well as the Somerton Parks and Recreation Department in involving youngsters in athletic and recreational programs as part of efforts to combat child obesity.

City hall is helping in the campaign by allowing RCFBH to place banners around the city that advance the campaign’s themes of healthy eating and physical activity.

On September 16th, 2014 the City of Somerton Council proclaimed Resolution No. 2014-15, where fully supports the continued efforts of the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., to address community health with programs and activities for A Healthy Somerton.

By working through the schools, the campaign seeks to reach no less than three-quarters of the city’s youth and their parents with its message about the importance of good nutrition and regular physical exercise.

Somerton-based RCFBH provides access to affordable health care services to medically under-served rural communities throughout western Arizona. It also helps residents of those areas gain the education needed to enter health care professions.